The Architect’s Guide to Fees + Contracts

Published: Aug 2010
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What’s this publication about?

If you are thinking about becoming a freelance architect or running your own practice then The Architects’ Guide to Fees + Contracts can helpThis step-by-step guide shows how to interview potential clients, track client information, calculate resource based fees, write effective fee proposals, understand common contractual terms and negotiate agreements.

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What’s included in the publication?

This publication contains 44 pages, 13 chapters and over 12,000 words. Each chapter specifically addresses the steps required to write effective fee proposals and understand contractual terms and phrases. The following is a list of chapters included in the publication:
  • What happened to the fee scales?
  • The filtering process
  • New project enquiry form
  • Fee proposal preparation
  • Estimating your resources
  • Structuring your fee
  • Calculating your charge-out rate
  • Writing your fee proposal
  • Contract, what contract?
  • Understanding your contract
  • Reviewing your contract
  • Is that negotiable?
  • Negotiating tips
  • Conclusion
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What are the learning outcomes?

We work closely with Architectural Institutes and private practices around the world to support their Continuing Education and Professional Development requirements. This publication is eligible for CPD / CE Points in several locations. Contact us to find out how many in your region. This publication provides readers with the following learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding of the history of architectural fee scales
  2. Insight into which questions to ask potential clients
  3. Knowledge of how to prepare design fee proposals
  4. Insight into how to calculate resource-based design fees
  5. Awareness of different types of design fees
  6. Ability to calculate hourly charge-out rates
  7. Thorough understanding of how to write a design fee proposal
  8. Understanding of common architectural contractual clauses
  9. Insight into Client Architect contract reviews
  10. Understanding of negotiation tips

How much does it cost?

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Reviews for this publication

  • Richard Pendlebury

    October 17th, 2010 on 1:34 pm

    The Architects’ Guide to Fees and Contracts provides an invaluable tool to any Architect wanting to secure the best possible fee and terms of appointment whether in sole practice or working for a substantial firm. Here is a concise guide to the rewards and potential pitfalls of architectural appointments clearly written, an easy read, with useful forms and checklists. An excellent one stop guide.

  • Paul Hindes

    April 19th, 2011 on 2:06 am

    Hi Ian, I have purchased both the fees & contracts and Negotiations publications; excellent reading thank you.