14 of the Most Awesome Gifts For Architects
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

14 of the Most Awesome Gifts For Architects

Yes, that’s right people, today I’m taking a quick look at 14 of the most awesome and affordable gifts for Architects, Design Professionals and all who enjoy design. 

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Do you have favorite gifts for Architects and Designers?

I’m sure this goes without saying… however, if you think we’ve missed anything, please let us know in the comments section below :).

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Comments: You’ve always questioned this industry wide trend, and now Ms. Rau has the answers. 

After being asked “Why do Architects wear black?” Ms. Rau decided to find out by asking those that should know – Architects and Design Professionals from around the world. 

This is an ideal stocking-stuffer, and fun gift for friends, family and coworkers.

Comments: Do you need it? Of course not! Do you want it? Hell yes!

The Eames House Bird by Vitra is a must-have addition to any Architects living room, or office space.

Perfectly crafted from walnut and inspired by the original bird figure owned by the iconic husband and wife design duo, Charles and Ray Eames.

Comments: Why pay for a therapist when you can have more fun (and less expense) with a stress management coloring book for adults?

This is volume no. 2 and it includes 60 images that cater to a range of artistic levels. 

The good news is that each image is printed on a separate page to help reduce any risk of bleed-through.

Happy coloring!

Comments: It’s made by Alessi and that’s probably all you need to know.

Not only does this object look stunning on any kitchen counter top but it also functions well. 

Use it to peel oranges, or any citrus fruit you may have in your kitchen. 

A must have designer accessory for any Architect who enjoys time in the kitchen. 

Comments: Who doesn’t want a 72 pack of dual end markers that feature fine and chisel tips?

Unleash your creative side with this premium set of artist markers and create your masterpiece today.

Comments: This piece of art has a seductive shape that few can resist. 

First developed for the 1937 Worlds Fair by Finnish Architect and Designer, Alvar Aalto.

Weather you’re looking for a special something to hold that bouquet of flowers or a simple stand-alone piece, this glass Vase is a great addition to any Designers collection. 

Comments: Nothing signals to friends, family, and neighbors that you’re a Design Professional quite like the Poly and Bark Sphere Wall Mount Coat Rack.

Based on the original coat hanger designed by Charles and Ray Eames, this modern interpretation is sure to please.

Comments: We were introduced to this fine piece of engineering by a friend, and fellow Architect, who could only say good things about it.

The good news is that you no longer have to go for long hikes in the wilderness without a cup of your favorite espresso.

The portable, outdoor espresso maker uses a sort of bicycle pump device to achieve the perfect pressure for your next espresso shot. 

Pour in some hot water from the thermos insulated flask and viola… sit back and enjoy the view!

Comments: We bought this as a birthday gift for an Architect that we know, and boy, the look on their face was priceless!

Does it function as a cheese grater?… yes, sort of…it fits very nicely into the palm of  your hand (but getting cheese out of that tiny hole can prove challenging)…  but that’s not what it’s really about!

It’s a piece of art… and just like the famous Swiss-German fire station, this piece of art may spend more time as a decommissioned exhibit on your mantel piece rather than the functional kitchen tool it was designed to be!

Either way you’ll have fun deciding!

Comments: If you could only afford one piece of furniture this would be it, right?

It’s mid century, eclectic, timeless style looks perfect in any type of home, apartment, dorm-room or office space.

We’ve bought many versions of this chair over the years and we still enjoy it’s versatility, minimalist look, and low maintenance. 

Comments: If you’re going to own a kettle why not do it in style?

Designed by famous Italian Architect and Designer, Also Rossi this kettle looks so beautiful who wouldn’t want to own one?

Comments: It’s waterproof, looks cool, comes in a number of different colors, fits your laptop and (most importantly) no animals were harmed in the making of this classic San Francisco messenger bag.

Timbuk2 produce an entire range of different types of bags for both men and women and we’ve been going to them for years.

No matter how you commute (bike, scooter, skate board, train or bus) Timbuk2 may just have what you’re looking for. 

Comments: You know you’ve always wanted to say this… and now you can, while enjoying your favorite hot beverage.

This 11 oz capacity coffee mug makes the perfect gift for you, or one of your Design Professional friends, coworkers or family members. 

Comments: For all introverts (like us) who finds social situations a little awkward, here is something that may help.

It’s 100 percent cotton and is available in 5 different colors and a variety of sizes. 

Go on, what are you waiting for?

Did we miss anything?

let us know your favorite gifts for Architects and Design Professionals in the comments section below.

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