Fee Proposal Workshop

60 NZRAB CPD Points  –  10 ADNZ CPD Points

“Was completely energised by your workshop.
I’m very excited to get my next Fee Negotiation!”
– Vicki, Auckland
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
  • Auckland – 13th Apr
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What’s the Workshop About?

Most Architects and Design Professionals are trained to price design services by; estimating their cost to complete the work, balancing it with local market conditions and then negotiating with the Client. This approach, known to Economists as ‘first degree price discrimination’, frequently encourages; hostile fee negotiations, poorly resourced projects and ambiguous scopes. There is a better way. During this Workshop, we’ll show you how research from the fields of fee psychology, fee negotiations and behavioural finance can help you write proposals that; reduce scope creep, raise conversion rates, improve fee levels and provide a more ethical pricing model. By adopting a new approach to the fee proposal process we can all write proposals that foster healthier Client relationships, more informed decision making and an enhanced outcome for the end user.

Who’s the Workshop for?

The Workshop is for Architects, Building Designers, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects and Engineers and is attended by sole practitioners, partnerships, medium-sized firms and employees of national/international practices. The Workshop is promoted by the NZIA, NZILA, ADNZ, AAA, IPENZ.

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What are the highlights?

  • Presented by 2 international design fee experts
  • Maximum of 20 attendees per venue
  • Attendees will learn how to;
    • – Respond to negotiation tactics
    • – Increase fee levels
    • – Raise conversion rate
    • – Avoid scope creep
    • – Write successful fee proposals
  • Over 150 Workshops delivered across 5 different countries
  • 85% of attendees say it’s the most useful CPD event they’ve attended
  • 99% of attendees say they would recommend this Workshop to their colleagues.
“Should be part of the Architectural degree. Best information I have received in the last 10 years.”
- John, Perth Fee Proposal Workshop

How much does it cost?There are 4 Registration Packages to choose from

Workshop Only
Workshop Only
(details below)
Workshop Only
eGuide Package
Workshop + eGuides
(details below)
eGuide Package
Template Package
Workshop + Templates
(details below)
Template Package
Full Package
Workshop + eGuides + Templates
(details below)
Full Package

*** Early registration 20% discount available before 5pm on 16th March 2018. Use promotional code: EARLY-NZ ***

  Workshop Only: includes access to all Workshop sessions listed in the Program, a copy of the slide show hand out (for recording your own notes), lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Does not include any eGuides or contract Templates.
  eGuide Package: includes five eGuides on which the Workshop seminars are based: eGuide to Fees & Contracts, eGuide to Negotiating Design Fees, eGuide to Pricing Design Services, eGuide to Design Fee Psychology and eGuide to Writing Effective Fee Proposals. Individually these eGuides cost ~$250. Available for $200 when purchased with Workshop registration.
  Template Package: includes 5 essential contract templates for building a practice: Multiple Fee Proposal Template, Small Works Fee Proposal Template, Non-Disclosure Agreement Template, Sub-Consultant Agreement Template, and Joint Venture Agreement Template. Templates are delivered in MS Word format. Individually these Templates cost ~$400. Available for $330 when purchased with Workshop registration.
Note: All material will be delivered electronically on the morning of the Workshop. All Workshop material is provided in accordance with Blue Turtle Consulting’s Terms of Use.
Note: Blue Turtle Consulting does not charge GST. All payment receipts are issued by Eventbrite, the registration & payment processor, in the confirmation email received at the time of registration. This payment summary does not include a tax breakdown, as no GST is charged.

How do I register?Click on one of the locations below: (limited to 20 attendees per venue)

Novotel Auckland Airport
Ray Emery Drive,
Auckland 2022
Friday, 13th April, 2018

*** Early registration 20% discount available before 5pm on 16th March 2018. Use promotional code: EARLY-NZ ***

Institute and/or design group discounts must be redeemed at the time of purchase. Discounts can not be applied after the registration has been processed. Refunds are available; when requested up to 48 hrs after registration and not less than 10 business days prior to the Workshop delivery date.

What’s the Workshop Program?

Workshop Briefing
Session 1: Design Fee Psychology
CPD: 1 hour (1 Formal CPD Hour / 10 NZRAB CPD points)
Presenter: Alexandra Howieson
Although many of us believe that we make financial decisions based on rational financial criteria, this is seldom the case. This session introduces 5 key concepts from the field of Behavioral Finance to demonstrate why your clients make the financial decisions they make and the crucial role that emotions play in the design fee proposal and negotiation process.
Session 2: Fee Negotiation
CPD: 1 hour (1 Formal CPD Hour / 10 NZRAB CPD points)
Presenter: Ian Motley
When negotiating design fees many of us believe that reducing our fee is the only way to win new work and resolve conflict. During this session we demonstrate a better way to negotiate by showing participants how to respond to the 7 most common ‘tactics and tricks’ used against design professionals to force fee reductions during the fee proposal and negotiation process.
Q+A and Refreshments
Session 3: Pricing Design Services
CPD: 1 hour (1 Formal CPD Hour / 10 NZRAB CPD points)
Presenter: Alexandra Howieson
The traditional approach to proposing design fees fails to demonstrate the value in the services that Architects and Design Professionals provide, leaving them in a very vulnerable position at the negotiation table. This session details how other service providers have overcome this problem by adopting a new pricing strategy referred to by economist as 2nd & 3rd Degree Price Discrimination.
Session 4: Writing Effective Fee Proposals
CPD: 1 hour (1 Formal CPD Hour / 10 NZRAB CPD points)
Presenter: Ian Motley
Fee scales are a thing of the past, however many Architects and Design Professionals struggle to write proposals that address the challenges and rewards offered by this new era. During this session we draw from a series of studies conducted by researchers from the field of human behaviour to demonstrate the 7 fundamental principles behind a successful fee proposal strategy and the factors that cause clients to say yes at your request.
Lunch Q+A and Discussion (lunch provided)
Implementation Workshop
CPD: 3:15 hours (3 Formal CPD Hours / 20 NZRAB CPD points)
Presenter: Ian Motley + Alexandra Howieson
The workshop provides attendees with an opportunity to apply the concepts and principles learnt during the morning’s sessions to a variety of project enquiry scenarios. Attendees will be divided into small groups and, under the guidance of the presenters, groups will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the ideas by applying them to a variety of case studies. Groups will then present their solutions to the other members of the workshop.
  • Case Study Introduction:
    The Workshop will commence with the introduction of a series of real life case studies (of various size, type and complexity). Participants will be given the opportunity to review each scenario and select the one that reflects their needs, area of practice and interest.
  • Fee Proposal Workshopping:
    The best and most efficient way to understand these principles is to apply them yourself. This part of the Workshop gives you the opportunity to apply the concepts to real projects under the guidance of, and in collaboration with, the presenters.
  • Group Presentation, Critique + Analysis:
    Each group will present their solutions, describing why their amendments improve the Fee Proposal document and process. The presenters and participants will learn from each others’ approaches and challenge their decisions, suggesting further improvements or different strategies where appropriate.
Workshop Wrap Up

Who are the presenters?


Alexandra Howieson

Alexandra studied Architecture at the University of Sydney where she graduated first in her year (2004) and received awards and scholarships for her achievements in Architectural Science, Architectural Design, Urban Design and Planning and overall academic performance. Upon graduation she received a scholarship awarded to most promising student of design based on academic merit, leadership and ability to recognise the relationship between academic studies and needs of the profession.

After graduation, Alex moved to London to accept a sponsored position with Foster + Partners where she was instrumental in the design and documentation of several key projects in Asia and the Middle East. Upon returning to Australia, Alexandra won three Design Excellence competitions.

Alexandra is a Registered Architect in NSW and has presented on the subjects of behavioural finance and pricing strategies for the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA), Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), Emerging Architects Network – NSW Branch (DARCH), the Building Designers Association (BDA) and private companies. Alex has also spoken for the Design Institute of Australia’s DIAlogues series on Free-Bidding and Undercutting.

“Really helpful advice which is applicable to my (much smaller) firm and was delivered in a really interesting way”
- Geoff, Auckland Fee Proposal Workshop

Ian Motley

Ian is the founder of Blue Turtle Consulting and has over 18 years experience, a Building Science (Project Management) degree and a career that spans three continents.

Prior to starting Blue Turtle Consulting, Ian was an Associate Partner with one of the worlds most recognized names in Architecture: Foster + Partners, where he was responsible for proposing and negotiating design fees on projects in the UK, Middle East, Africa, Australasia and the Americas.

Before working for Foster + Partners, Ian worked in the United States managing construction loans for three of Americas largest financial institutions and managing commercial, residential and industrial projects throughout the country. Ian has also worked on development projects in Spain and Honduras where he learnt to read, write and speak Spanish.

Since starting Blue Turtle Consulting Ian has written and published a series of Fee and Appointment Guides that sell in 13 different countries. He has also been a key note speaker at over 70 Architectural Conferences and private training sessions around the world.

What have previous attendees said?

“Was completely energised by your Workshop. I’m actually very excited to get to my next Fee Negotiation!”
- Vicki, Auckland Fee Proposal Workshop
“Really helpful advice which is applicable to my (much smaller) firm and was delivered in a really interesting way”
- Geoff, Auckland Fee Proposal Workshop
“Well prepared and very engaging. Thank you.”
- Ewan, Wellington Fee Proposal Workshop
“I attended your one day course in London on the 2nd September. It has to be the most useful workshop I have ever attended. I think you should see if you can add this into architectural schools.”
- Nigel, London Fee Proposal Workshop
“It’s clear how this can be applied to my own firm, I’m very keen to try it out.”
- Laura, Auckland Fee Proposal Workshop
“Great information, very well presented!”
- Mark, Auckland Fee Proposal Workshop
“I am just compelled to write to say how totally amazing Alex and Ian were today! I could not imagine two more suitably experienced speakers to deliver a seminar on fees. They are both gems! Definitely my best CPD seminar in recent years...maybe ever! The content was simply illuminating! Keep up the brilliant work.”
- Barry, London Fee Proposal Workshop
“A very useful course - I will be recommending it to others in the industry.”
- Stuart, Christchurch Fee Proposal Workshop
“I look forward to implementing this material, and capitalising on the Fee Psychology.”
- Rosalie, Sydney Fee Proposal Workshop
“Super engaging! Great hearing the real world experiences - very helpful.”
- Varun, Brisbane Fee Proposal Workshop
“This was much more informative and valuable than I had anticipated. Thank you!”
- Steve, San Francisco, CA
“The Workshop was superb... Without doubt, the most valuable CPD event I’ve attended!”
- Mark, London Fee Proposal Workshop
“Honestly, this is the best CPD event I’ve attended: useful and informative with good practical examples.”
- Stephen, London Fee Proposal Workshop
“Very good and highly professional. Thank you very much for an informative Workshop.”
- Andrew, Manchester Fee Proposal Workshop
“Excellent course - lots of food for thought. Thank you!”
- Mark, Birmingham Fee Proposal Workshop
“I attended your fantastic Workshop today, which I enjoyed thoroughly and learned an incredible amount from. Thank you!”
- Matt, Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland
“Excellent Workshop! Wish I’d done it 20 years ago.”
- Leigh, Melbourne Fee Proposal Workshop
“Very interesting, useful strategies... keen to try them out.”
- Micheline, Sydney Fee Proposal Workshop
“A very high quality session - much better than any other CPD session.”
- David, Montreal Fee Proposal CPD Seminar
“By far the best presentation... award the Gold Medal to this group and their content!”
- Graham, Toronto Fee Proposal Seminar
“Really enjoyed today... Thank you for sharing your expertise.”
- Angie, Brisbane Fee Proposal Workshop
“Should be part of the Architectural degree. Best information I have received in the last 10 years.”
- John, Perth Fee Proposal Workshop


Please contact Louise at louise@blueturtlemc.com with any questions.

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