May 15th, 2020: 8am PDT

Questions answered:

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Question asked:

Joy (3:13):

How do I distinguish myself from my low-cost competition (without offering service options)?

Imad (6:49):

What is a good alternative to hourly rate during concept design (if the client won’t accept hourly)?

Kay (15:08):

How do you differentiate between charging for time vs charging for work?

Anon (17:35):

We’re trying to retain our staff. Should we reduce our fees in response to COVID-19 to get more work?

Craig (21:41):

What is the best method for issuing fee proposals to clients (small commitments or options)?

Sheri (26:59):

How, and when, should you include a retainer in your proposal?

Jacob (30:47):

Should a fee proposal be clear + concise or detailed + explained?

Anon (32:14):

How should one address a municipal pro-forma when the fee and proposal format is already defined?

Anthony (36:06):

How do you avoid  your concept design being given to another Architect?

Anon (37:50):

What are the pros and cons of a retainer vs a mobilization payment?

Melinda (41:50):

How can Interior Designers address clients who want hourly rate (not lump sum) design fees.

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