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Questions answered:
How do you best deal with ‘brief creep’ on a project where the fee has been fixed? That is, the Client decides to add, during the initial design process, say, a gym and home cinema annexe… none of which formed part of the original programme.

Q1. How much should Architects charge for domestic projects such as Loft and Ground/first floor extensions or combined in the U.K?
A % of the cost of construction and then split?
Any examples of fees you can provide both hourly or fixed fees?

Q2; For domestic projects again, should the Architects also manage the design and build aspect including interior design? That is, appoint the builder on behalf of the client and project manage for the client so that an additional fee can be charged?

My question is to do with some people reaching out to my practice asking for an idea of cost for our services before booking to speak with us.
We have a process that we make prospects follow where we send a questionnaire, then follow up with a 20 minutes Zoom or phone call and then write a proposal. This easily take s between 2 to 3 hours time and often the prospects are only interested in the cheapest fee. I feel that having a price list may help weed out the time-consuming enquiries that never were going to buy our services … what’s your view here?

D. Chin:
Can you give some examples of multi-fee proposals for Scope of Services for a Residential Project (custom single family residential)?

If one submit a fee proposal to a client based on a percentage of construction costs; (i.e. 10%) When you submit the proposal you are a long way from knowing the construction costs; what is the best way to create a payment timeline in your fee proposal? If you estimate for example that it’s a $1M gut reno (based on experience with the scope of work)
Do you tell the prospect that your fee will be based on that estimated cost and payment amounts for each phase will be adjusted after Owner-Contractor agreement is signed?

Is the principle of commitments & consistency: Is this a book/ article/ concept?
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