Standard Fee Proposal + Client Architect Agreement

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Published: Sep 2011
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What’s this template for?

This is an architectural fee proposal template and Client Architect agreement. It allows the user (i.e. Architect or design professional)
to propose a lump sum, percentage and/or unit rate fee proposal. This template has been designed by BTMC to provide clients with a more affordable way to implement the concepts, ideas and suggestions that we outline in our video series. The template includes complete editing rights and everything you need to write a fee proposal and enter into a contractual agreement with your clients. We also provide $100 consulting credit with the purchase of this template, which can be applied towards any of our consulting services, should you need assistance with implementing this agreement or negotiating fees on your next project.

How much does it cost?

Why purchase this template?


All documents in this template are provided in MS Word format (accompanied by a PDF version) which is 100% adaptable so it can be personalised for use on all your projects.

No membership fees

There are no additional hidden fees, subscription charges or membership fees associated with purchasing this template.

Instantly accessible

Upon purchase the template is instantly available for download to your computer. No postage, no packaging, no mailing, no delays!

Multiple use

Once purchased you may use our template as many times as you like enabling you to create your own bespoke suite of documents for use on all your projects.

Written by experts in the field

Designed and developed by a group of industry professionals who have hands-on experience writing fee proposals for all types of projects located all over the world.


This template includes a US$100 Consulting Credit. This can be used to engage BTM+C’s services to assist you with the implementation of this document on your project or subsequent fee and contract negotiations or advice. For more information contact us at

Written in plain English

This template has been designed in a logical ‘easy to use’ format and is written in plain simple English.

Designed for today’s global economy

The templates have been designed for use on local and international projects. To ensure suitability for your project, region and situation please contact us directly at or consult your legal advisor.

Cost effective

This agreement combines all the experience and advice of a professional consulting firm without the expense of directly hiring a professional consulting firm.

Legal Review

The information contained in this template document is not an alternative to legal advice from a professional legal services provider. All specific questions about legal matters should be addressed with a professional legal services provider. Never delay seeking legal advice, disregard legal advice, or commence or discontinue any legal action because of information contained in this template document.


What’s included in the template?

Users Guide clearly explaining how to use the template to gain maximum benefit.

Cover Letter that can be pasted into an email or printed on company letter head and used to introduce your proposal submission.

Signature Page which is used to clearly record the contact details and signatures of the parties to the agreement.

Fee Proposal document which can be used independently or in conjunction with the General Terms and Conditions document allowing you to accommodate the needs of different sized projects and different Clients.

Scope of Service document which can be attached to the fee proposal, used as an independent document or combined with your own Scope of Service document as required to meet the needs of your projects.

General Terms & Conditions document which includes all the clauses we address throughout our publications and video series and all the clauses that, after 15 years of contract management experience, we believe are essential for a successful project.

A little sample…


Is this template suitable for all projects?

Project Size

This template can be used on any size project; however it’s a 10 page template and is therefore generally recommended for use on projects greater than $250,000 in construction cost.

Small Projects

For small residential projects check out our Small Works Fee Proposal & Client Architect agreement template or consider using the fee proposal document (located within this template) independently of the other documents.

Percentage & Lump Sum Proposals

This template allows for a percentage fee or a lump sum fee proposal.

Hourly Charge-out Rates

This template includes a section for hourly charge-out rates which can be used to calculate fees for additional work.

Terms & Conditions

The template utilizes all the terms and conditions that Blue Turtle Management + Consulting recommend in our video series and publications and that we believe are vital to the successful management of any architectural project.

How much does it cost?

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Reviews for this publication

  • Logan

    October 4th, 2011 on 10:47 am

    I used this fee proposal template and contract for a small private job I was working on… and was really impressed with the presentation, ease with which I was able to adapt the templates to my project and the specific terms and conditions. Key issues were addressed clearly and concisely. I will be using this template for all my future proposals.

  • Simon

    February 20th, 2012 on 6:50 am

    I have been watching your video series and like the way you address the topic of architectural contracts so I purchased your Standard Agreement template. Can I just say thank you very much for making this available. It was very quick and easy to buy and download and is just what I need as I have just recently started my own practice. Thank you again.