Who is Blue Turtle Consulting?

Blue Turtle Consulting is a Limited Liability Company registered in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Blue Turtle Consulting provides useful tools, links and informational products on the subjects of architectural fees, contracts and negotiations to assist Architectural firms and Design Professionals across the world achieve more financial success in their business. Advise is provided from a commercial perspective only (no legal advice is provided).

Many of the topics discussed on our website are universal in nature and not specific to any one geographic region. By publishing them on the website we are able to reach a far larger audience allowing us to provide more FREE information than would have traditionally been feasible.

To assist us with delivering such a wide range of useful information Blue Turtle Consulting draws on the experience of many international consultants in the field of Architecture and Construction. All of our international consultants have trained with and worked for Foster + Partners in London and are also involved with their own Project Management and Design companies through-out the world.

To learn more about our most influential consultants, please view Video 1.


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