April 22nd, 2021: 7pm (Eastern Time, US & Canada)

Chat Transcript:
Where are you joining us from?
Chamois Holschuh:
Vermont (USA)
Jen Oloo:
Los Angeles
Valerie Steil ASID:
Hello from Indiana!
Max Sturman:
Miami, FL
Elizabeth Kerman-Morris:
San Francisco, CA
Arlene Bobb:
Phila., PA
Kelly Hart:
Richard Shugar:
Beth Hakes:
Los Angeles!
Philip Rossington:
Sausalito, CA
Don Allison:
Orlando, FL
Stacey Lapuk:
I’m creating a proposal for a hospitality project; I usually work on high-end residential projects (as an interior designer). How do hospitality designers charge for product?
Max Sturman:
Can you turn up the volume a little please?
Sydney, Australia.
Leo Cardamone:
Leo Melbourne
Saeed Akhavan:
Vancouver, BC, CA
Naama Blonder:
Brilliant thank you
Philip Rossington:
I have to go – thanks!
Stacey Lapuk:
Thank you!
Valerie Steil ASID:
Thank you. Always insteresting
Beth Hakes:
Enjoyed! Thank you
Questions answered:
I’ve made a pitch to be a consultant on another architect’s project because I have specialist knowledge. She has proposed to the client and they have accepted my standard architectural service hourly rate. Meetings are starting and proposals going around and already the architect and client are drawing on my experience, through emails and now the meeting. I’m wondering what is the right moment to set up how to invoice for my fees.  Today before your session an online meeting will take place where I meet the client.

1. I submitted a fee proposal this week for a very small and defined scope (without any sub-consultants even) and had a really hard time coming up with “scope and fee” options. What do you recommend in this case and is there a default ‘go-to’ second option you can think of?

2. We are launching an online shop (paid webinars and model kits) I am wondering if I give a discount code to increase sales if it will encourage people to think that our Architectural Service fees are also up for negotiation and getting discounts (which I always insist on NOT negotiating the fee because it becomes a habit for the entire project) so – is giving a discount on my shop will set a tone in the professional service as well?

How do you address extension of schedule and the additional fee you need for schedule extension, as this can be a moving target?

How do you stop a paid pre-design report for a non-professional client growing into a design?

During your time with Foster and Partners, were the design fees developed without the participation of the lead architect responsible for production?  and how often were the proposal estimated for the design work reconciled to the actual time required?

We are using a percentage based fee for the first time. What happens at the tender stage if a client were to ask: Why should I have to pay more fee to you for choosing a contractor that I prefer, but is more expensive than another for like-for-like services? Thanks!

I’m creating a proposal for a hospitality project; I usually work on high-end residential (as an inteiror designer). How do hospitality designers charge for product?

Although there is a signed Owner Architect Agreement, apart from placing a lien,which is a last resort, how do you get a client to pay, particularly in these times, where most architects in NYC are working from home and the client still want services to continue

Is a discounting approach to “additional services” not a somewhat “unprofessional” view the sale of our services. We are not car salesmen. Every hour spent should have the same value.

Why a percentage basis? Would you pay for a heart trnsplant on a percentage basis?
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