December 17th, 2020: 4pm (Pacific Time – US & Canada)

Chat Transcript:
Where are you joining us from?
From jack birrell

Hi From Tasmania
From Stephanie Wills
Boulder, CO
From Mary Ellen Read
From Audrey Kvedaras
Toronto Canada
From Pru Pinfold
Auckland NZ
From gail diehl
From Danny Bogdany
Orlando, Florida
Boise, ID
From Moshe Gilovitz
Moshe in Perth
From Boon Lim
Los Angeles
From Morris Clarke
Philadelphia PA
From Avinash Malhotra
New York
From John Szafran
Scottsdale, Arizona
From JOesph Duggan
From David Schultz
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Sydney, AUS
From Cagatay ELMACI
From Michel Labrie
Vancouver, BC
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From Jan Blonder
From Geoffrey James
From Deep Mitra
Auckland, New Zealand
From Seung Park
From Cagatay ELMACI
Christhchurch – crips and sunny
From jacob hutson
is that risky they pick the lower cost/scope fee
great comment on scope creep, thanks
From jacob hutson
this is more about larger design competitive tenders
where you have to submit a design and price
From jacob hutson
our belief also…… thx
From jacob hutson
its short though
is website hesitancy that a generational thing for people making decisions
From jacob hutson
great comment thx
From Blue Turtle Consulting
Fee Proposal Review Consultation:
From Earl Ronald Hershfield
Is there not an optimal fee for an excellent result?  How can it be pick and choose with the intention of achieving the same quality?
EG. A medical procedure with or without anesthetic.
From Earl Ronald Hershfield
Thanks. Good answer.
From Blue Turtle Consulting
Fee Proposal Workshop:
From Pru Pinfold
Thanks very much
From jacob hutson
thank you very much, great info
From Naama Blonder
thank you
From Moshe Gilovitz
Thank you.
From drea peters
TY so much!
From jacob hutson
thank you
From Marius Razvan
Attending your webinar, thank you, wery beneficial and helpful. Marius Razvan OAA, Toronto
From Shaowei Cheng
Thank you very much!
From gail diehl
thank you
From Audrey Kvedaras
Thank you for the discussion.
Questions answered:
You have mentioned including a pre-design service for the small commitment in the proposal.  What does it include? and do you also outline other services and fees for the full service in the same proposal?

You have signed up a fee proposal with a client for full services with an agreed % fee, on a staged project.
You have completed stage 1 in 2016 ($8M), and the client comes back today Dec 2020 and wants you to complete stage 2 ($6M), in Jan 2021.
Do you dust off that original agreement and re-set at the rates %, escalation, confirmed new CoW, all as per the original agreement?
Or do you set up a new agreement, based closely to the original one?

Do clients just jump straight to the fee – What order of content do you think works best?
Do you think people read the verbiage that comes with these documents?
What works best – Accurate content / resolved designs or sketches and conceptual vision? (when preparing competition bids)
Is there a magic size (length) to the document to hold attention?
What are your views on the most effective delivery platform – printed, email, website, tiktok?

Project Scope is often poorly defined in Proposal calls and despite our efforts to clarify, we are often left filling in the gaps. What do you suggest is the best way to approach a fee proposal in this context? Often we lose proposals becuase my competitors have made very different assumptions.

Anonymous Attendee:
You continue to suggest providing the client with fee ranges, or fee options. When providing fee options which require different scope descriptions, this can make the proposal very long. Can you give an example of what a proposal?

Auckland, New Zealand:
What do you do when you are a solo practioner and want to win a project? What’s will be the arch. Fee? Thanks

Is this a private page? Password protected or external eg: dubSado?
Answered via text: Yes, a private password-protected page.

Most proposals are very strict on content, page numbering and run by procurement officers who know nothing about project delievery
How do you differentiate yourselves within strict proposal submissions

When is your next workshop?

Anonymous Attendee:
Should there be 2 proposals? 1 for pre-design service and second after pre-design is completed for the actual project or is this presented in the form of a contract?

Danny Bogdany:
not seeing the link(s)…
Answered via text: Sorry about that 🙂
Fee Proposal Workshop:

Sorry last question – Is the Fee Proposal Workshop for architects only or would it be beneficial for IDs & Remodelers?
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