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Where are you joining us from?
Elisabeth Martin

new york city
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Racine, WIsconsin
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Vermont (USA)
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Historic York
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Toronto, Canada
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Hello from London
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New York City
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Nebras Elrebate
Nebras Elrebate
Vermont (USA)
Elisabeth Martin
The sad truth is that two informed institutional clients with ample resources who were told that the extra work would require an extra service, and they agreed orally, and the original contract infers this options – still they are unhappy about the later invoice (a discounted one at that) and have delay payment for quite some time.
Mark Vines
Can you give some advice on 1. using subconsultants, 2. getting a feel for margins 3. UK fire issues post Grenfell? Many thanks Mark
Keith Knight
Listed buildings also attract a market premium
John Malet-Bates
Thanks for going over time – well worth it for us. John M-B
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Micqui McGowen
Thank you! Very informative!
Chamois Holschuh
Is this Mastermind Group just for you guys to gather current issues and info? Or are these monthly meetings for non-members to watch and learn from?
Chamois Holschuh
Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining!
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Fee Proposal Workshop Online Training
Linda Moore
Thank you. I enjoyed the Q&A
Chamois Holschuh
Adebayo Ogunbufunmi
Questions answered:
In case when some specific scope of work is not included in the fee proposal but also not excluded from it, does it become a basis to additional fee, if it is requested by the client to be performed?

Is it possible to share any (real life) example of the multiple fee agreement.  

What should be the hourly rate of Fee chargeable by a self-employed Chartered & Registered Architect towards the provision of part service on an Architectural Project involving initial advice pre-purchase of a residential property, measuring up and preparing a full set of ‘As Existing’ drawings, providing tentative sketch proposals, advising on issues relating to Planning Permission and Building Regulations, and sending several email communications before the project is suspended and the client is seeking a fee invoice for the works undertaken by me so far?

Our practice has chosen to focus on residential end-user projects with a commensurately lower fee per project; our experience is that commercially the most difficult area of converting an enquiry into an appointment is how much ‘free’ effort needs to go into getting that signature on the engagement contract, particularly with an initial site visit/client meeting seeming essential with new clients.
So the question is whether this effort should be ‘professional advice’ or sales-pitch, whether it is reasonably chargeable to a client, particularly in a project stage where it would seem most architects (or other companies pitching for the same work) are happy to provide a surprising amount of free advice, including design ideas?

The vast majority of our clients are domestic/non-professional clients, for whom construction projects (a replacement house, say) can be daunting.
While we do our utmost to keep them short, our initial fee proposals (typically including preamble, key project data/assumptions, brief, phased fee proposals, asbestos/CDM, the feeing basis, statements regarding other consultants, a summary, and build cost estimates) can easily run to 6 or 7 pages of 10pt text (2000 – 2500 words) – excluding T&Cs.
Is this typical?

If a fee proposal should reflect the value of the work provided, rather than its cost, how can one best assess its value?

If the contract payment is based on deliverables, example, concept, prelim…..and the client constantly pushes back the date of deliverable, because  they want to add or change portions of the project, how would you hold them accountable for the time?
What we deem to be ready for preliminary could be different to what they deem to be ready.

1. How should I handle a situation where a client is not prepared to pay for continuous changes, amendments, and appoints another Architect to do this, without my consent or disclosure of the secondary Architect.  It is not a great feeling when others tamper with my designs.  Is it a breach of contract as such?

2.  If a client signs a full contract but decides to cut short my services, after for example, the design stage or after planning approval has been obtained, should there be penalties? Especially if I allocated time for the project and turned away other opportunities.

Can I write one proposal that I can develop diffirently according to if the client is residential or commercial? Or it should be written differently?

Is anyone taking a retainer to start with that is refundable at the end of the project once all bills have been paid – it is held to the side. Then all hours are tracked and billed monthly.

WIll your training for fee proposal be relevant to UK architects and interior designers?

How often do you host these Q&A sessions as this one?

How long is each mastermind session?

Is the mastermind group geared for one man band practices only? We are a team of 16 doing 150 resi projects pa? is it suitable?
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