October 1st, 2020: 9am (Pacific Time – US & Canada)

Chat Transcript:
Where are you joining us from?
From Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov

Los Angeles
From Amy Beltemacchi
From daniel Kellett
Reading UK
From Jermaine Clarke
From Mick Hodgson
Nottingham UK
From Joseph Duggan
From Cordelia Hill
London, UK
From kevin mackenzie
From Bahar Khonsari
from Vancouver
From David Yates
Chicago and Naples FL
From Karen Simpson
From Stephen Algar
From david pryce
Dp = Athens greece
From Stephen Haestier
Ilkley UK
From Kathryn Camilleri
Hertfordshire UK
From Christine Peever
St Albans
From Alessandro Prencipe
From Michel Da Costa / Droo
From Martin Torre
New York City
From Lee Jendrika
From Angela Hinton
Orlando, FL. Thanks for doing another one of these sessions!
From Rhian Woods
Oxfordshire UK
From Michael Simpson
From Jose antunes
From Mikhail Mandrigin
Gloucestershire, Uk
From Roy Wilson
From Michel Da Costa / Droo
From Gavin Wu
Newcastle UK
From Fiona Hunt
Manchester, UK
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Hertford herts
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Salisbury UK
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Ontario, CA
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Ontario Canada
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Valencia, Spain
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Ontario, Canada
From Angela Lockyer
From Claudia Keischar
From Holly Matt
Santa Fe, NM
From Desmond Pryce
From Eddie McCartney
Newry Co.Down
From Adam Viorel Pantelimon Negrut
Hello everyone From Edmonton, Canada
From Alicia Ponce
what if they ask for a fee for all phases through Construction administration?
From David Yates
Future phases of work TBD after completion of the feasibility scope of work!
From John Kellett
The main reason for the race to the bottom is that unqualified people are allowed to compete on an equal footing 🙂
From Sumita Singha
Can you please post that blog link here?
From Ian Motley
From Sumita Singha
Thank you. Are you on LinkedIn to follow?
From Alexandra Howieson (Blue Turtle Consulting)
Hi Sumita, Sure!
Alexandra Howieson:
Ian Motley:
From John Kellett
The unqualified call themselves architects illegally. PS I do not compete with the un(der)qualified. Quality is of no concern locally 🙂
From David Yates
What if a client wants a penalty fee if you want a success fee?
From Angela Hinton
Thank you!!
From David Yates
Clients have control over project costs, if they upsell themselves, it increases the fees
Clients seem to want a fee cap, I won’t give it but I will reduce fees as they reach higher thresholds
But is the client telling the truth? Copy me on the lower proposal (blanking out name) and I’ll check to see if it’s apples-to-apples
Yes, a matrix fee schedule is a very handy tool
From Mick Hodgson
From my experience fees are also linked to market values. It pays to be in close contact with local agents.
From Kathryn Camilleri
Fantastic session, many thanks!
From Sumita Singha
The gold, silver and bronze option for fee scales is in my book, Autotelic Architect, 2016
From Angela Hinton
I appreciate your time and knowledge, thanks again!
From Angela Hinton
The free course is great!
From Magali Regis
Thank you. That was great.
From Mikhail Mandrigin
Many thanks!
From Salvatore Noviello
Thank you so much for today!
From Eleanor Hall
Thank you very much – very interesting and informative
From Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov
Thank you so much!!
Thanks very much for your time!
From Richard Berry
Thank you!
From daniel Kellett
Thank you
From Claudia Keischar to All Panelists:  12:51 PM
Many thanks
From Amal Makhoul Tanos
thank you
From Hayden Lam
thank you
Questions answered:
For a single family residence our fee for a complete set of drawings that includes MEP, structural and interior design is based on 8% of the cost of construction.
For Builder’s set 5%. Is this the norm?

Melodi: (Ontario, CA)
How do you calculate a fee based on square footage?
Do you calculate based on a percentage on estimated construction cost (without showing the math to the client) or is there another method?

Peter: (UK)
What is there to stop a shameless race to the bottom regarding consultants’ fees in the economic reality of Pandemic?

Daniel: (UK)
1. Do you have any advice for small practices on how to prevent a race to the bottom when there are non-qualified people offering services for unbelievably low prices.
2. Also any advice on how a new practice would get the opportunity to tender for larger commercial projects.

Duncan: (UK)
1. Standard appointment documents offer opportunity to claim for expenses in addition to the main project fee, (for printing/reproduction, travel/mileage, postage/telephone/facsimile charges, models, maps, legal advice etc.)
Can you offer guidance on the best way to make use of expenses and also how to explain their inclusion in fee proposals to clients?

1b. The alternative is to allow for expenses in the main fee, what benefits and/or drawbacks are there in this approach? 

Angela Hinton
Are you familiar with a value-based fee method where the client is charged based on specific results rather than time spent or square footage? Thanks!

Peter Allan
How should you respond when a client comes back and says he has another quotation for a set of working drawings roughly one third of mine. I do very detailed drawings and do not consider that my fee is unreasonable.

Matt Robinson
When we qoute on a percentage the clients always say that it is in our best interest to design and specify an overly expensive building. How do we reply to them?

Can you share the % most design services offer for construction? what might be a generic hourly fee? for interior design fee.

Salvatore Noviello
My question is: would you suggest a silver/gold/platinum service fee proposal?
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