August 6th, 2020: 9am (Pacific Time – US & Canada)
Chat Transcript:
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London, UK
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Victoria BC
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Glasgow here
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David Fridlund 
Thanks for addressing my question – but I was focusing it on Construction Admin services, when things come out of the blue that we cannot anticipate.
Robert Toy Somerset
Jacqueline Rhee
always receive a retainer unless it’s a repeat client!!
Tom Man
Good point. We’ve never asked for payment up front but come unstuck often.
How robust is the agreement if we don’t have upfront payment?
Junaid Qurashi
We used to send out two document in the past 1. proposal with information about the project. Once the proposal is accepted 2. we would send out the full contract.  However, this process took very long. Now the proposal and contract is one and sent via docusign. Our wins are less but the contract we win are of high quality.  Thoughts?
Graeme Nicholls
I have started doing this since reading Ian’s advice in one of the PDF guides
Particularly with new clients, or ones who can be a bit ‘risky’
Junaid Qurashi
We collect before each stage and clients are ok with it.
yes exactly!
Stephen Hines
I have not found the percentage fee of any real benefit.  The architect’s work is defined by the Owner’s project scope.  Regardless how the project bids, the required level of work is what it is.  So if the skill of the architect’s work bids lower than anticipated the architect looses fee.
Jacqueline Rhee
we need to not be embarrassed to say “oh that’ll be extra”
got it, thanks
Mary Adetayo
that’s was very insightful thank you
Jacqueline Rhee
thank you so much!
Jules Chenowith
Thank you!
Kamal Ladwa
thank you
Susan Smith
thank you
Questions answered:
David: (2:53)
When a client will not accept an open-ended hourly agreement, we tend to estimate a weekly rate based on X number of hours. How do we succinctly define the myriad of tasks, to provide a basis for add services when we exceed the estimated hours.

Fatai: (8:08)
Is there any particular reason why clients request fee proposals from consultants who are not of similar calibre? I.e. say you have a pool of 5no bidders – 1 or 2 might be in the AJ100 list whilst the others are unheard of Architects (outside the top 500). This approach does not enable like-for-like comparisons hence there is a major disparity in fee proposals.

Ann: (11:00)
Any advice of how to be cost competitive when Responding to an RFP?

Susan: (13:38)
How to use the fee proposal as a contract for smaller projects?

Andrew: (17:46)
Is it normal to require upfront stage fees from the clients? i.e. advance stage payments before works for each stage is commenced.

Nicos: (23:23)
How do the different pricing options work when we are asked to give our freelancing fee rate rather than a quote for specific services / deliverables? 

Brian: (25:29)
How do you walk a client through a fee proposal to increase their comfort level?

Aart: (29:13)
how relevant is it to consider a fee quotation as a percentage of the construction costs

Jacqueline: (36:34)
How do you protect yourself from a client who is grossly indecisive- so you’re not able get design sign off after even multiple design proposals?

Penny: (41:06)
With the scope of work on a current project, I settled for a discounted fixed fee. Which I usual never do, but the situation is special. The scope of work has grown and was wondering how to handle asking for more fees for design, admin, and additional coordination.

Matt: (44:09)
Is it a good idea to provide a detailed task/resource/time/fee breakdown with your fee letter or just provide lump sum price for stages?

Mary: (47:03)
If you have already sent the fee proposal and contract in one document to your client and they have developed cold feet, how do you back track and unscare them?

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